Italian Scuba Diving

Italy is an underrated scuba diving location and not usually considered by divers. Although, it is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourism with 62 million tourists annually. Tourists flock here

Looking to go Scuba Diving in Spain? This post covers popular areas for diving holidays as well as places to go if you fancy sunning yourself on magnificent beaches and immersing yourself in Spanish culture.

Scuba diving in Cyprus is great for both new and experienced divers alike. From sites such as the famous Zenobia wreck to sandy shore dives, there’s something for everyone here. Non-divers can soak up some

Scuba Diving in Turkey

The country of Turkey is one of the most popular tourism spots. Nestled between Europe and Asia, it’s the perfect location for a cheeky Scuba Diving holiday. If you’re travelling long term, you can also

Many people think that there aren’t any winter European scuba diving spots. We are here to tell you that this is not true! Whilst the water may not be that warm, there is still some

Do you want to know where to Scuba Dive in Europe in Summer? We have created this post to let you know.  Maybe you are on Summer holidays or on extended travels. Whatever the reason,

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